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Express Chinese Kits Download for Win95

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How to Read Chinese On Your System?

Realizing that most of you do not have Chinese system installed on your machine, we have presented a lot of the contents as graphical images (i.e. in GIF formats) to allow your reading using your favorite graphic browser (such as IE 4.0,Netscape and Mosaic). However, as these image files tend to be large, viewing contents this way can be quite slow.

Viewing actual contents by text format is much faster (20 to 40 times), but requires you to install additional software. The procedure of installing additional software is actually very simple. To help you do that, we provide you with what we hope to be an easy-to-follow step-by-step instruction below. If you have a question and/or would like to help us clarify the instruction further, feel free to drop us a note.

I assume your system is Window 3.x or Windows 95 or Windows 98. Now, let us go click the following button.

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How to hear the sound from my computer.

You need (1) Hardware.One Sound Card ( I pay $ 12.00 at Comp USA ), Two Speaker ( I pay $ 8.00 )
                Sound card need installation, It take experienced person about 10 minutes. If this is the first time for you, It take
                20 Minutes to 2 Hours Plus some luck.

                (2) Software. Win 95/98 include the software, you do not need to do anything.