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To Class21th_Chatroom: 

Very glad to receive the words from you. I am now in AUCKLAND of New
Zealand, and have been here for five years after retired from the
semiconductor industry in Taiwan.
I am now teaching some youngsters their physics and chemistry, and
doing very actively the swimming and related exercises. Therefore, it
is very possible that I become the best swimmer and runner of our 21th
Usually, I would be back Taiwan twice every year in March and September.
Where are you now? If it is possible, I would like to meet you when I
back Taiwan.
Welcome you and our 21th classmates have a relax holiday in here.
Sincerely yours,

MK  Lee





From Richard Chien(簡時欽 )        Feb26, 1999
Hi Man,
Me,Richard. I'm sure nobody know me.Always sit in the front,short one.
Glad to know everybody from E-mail.It's been a long time since fifteen to fifty.Just say hellow,see you next time.
PS. 李銘廣 郭博堂are in New Zealand,I know where they live.

From Bob Chung   鐘 宜 寧    Dec.30,1998       chung_bob1.jpg (8352 bytes)  鐘 宜 寧

Holmes Cheng came to New York City for business. He visited me in Rochester, New York during the X'mas & New Year recess. We're having a great time together in the cold wintery weather (see JPEG images of eating and shooting pool at home).

Holmes and I have been in touch with each other every now and then. We talked about the high school days a lot. We also talked about our children, etc. It's good to be able to talk and to listen and to interact, and that's what
friendship is all about.

May you all have a pleasant holiday season!

Bob C.

eating.jpg (59405 bytes)   playpool.jpg (51380 bytes)


From Bob Chung    鐘 宜 寧    Dec.25,1998
Dear Tim:

It's good to hear from you and thank you for being active in the building of the Class21 homepage.

Regarding the class reunion, I'm interested in both the 1999 Taiwan and 2000 LA Cruise. I'll be in Taiwan for a technical conference from Sept. 26-29, 1999 in Taipei. I took a Royal Carribean cruise in 1998 (LA/Mexico) and highly recommended it, and ready to hop on board in 2000.

So far, I do not have Chinese fonts on my Macintosh/G3. Something that I have to fool around with in order to obtain a solution. Any suggestions?

Bob (Yi-ning)   鐘 宜 寧

p.s., I read a message from Alex Chao about his likelihood of participating the class reunion. In the case of the Royal
Carribean cruise, it was designed for just a long weekend, e.g., on board by Friday afternoon, and exit the ship by
Monday morning. It means that the time commitment is not so overwhelming (as the checkbook would)

From James Chang 張建華  December 23, 1998
roses.gif (18094 bytes)

Kudos to Daniel for starting and constructing this website. I also want to personally thank Bob Chung and Tim Huang for their effort made to enhance it. We wouldn't have been able to get in touch with long-lost friends and know what some of our old classmates are doing.

If anyone has our old photos, please scan those and send the image files to Daniel for posting. It will be a lot of fun to see what we looked like over 30 years ago and to know how much we have changed (read: aged).

Thank you, Soul Yang and Pai Lai, for your greeting cards.

Wish all of you have a properous 1999. Keep in touch!

James (Chien Hua) Chang in Austin, Texas  張建華

From Alexander Chua (Tsai) 蔡人天      Dec 21st,1998

Dear Classmates,

I like the idear of reunion in L.A. This will give some old friends the good reason for a US tour.

Alexander Chua (Tsai) 蔡人天

From Soul Young  楊鶴嵩 Dec.21st,1998               young_s1.jpg (28112 bytes)

Dear Daniel, Bob & Tim,
Thank you very much for the wonderful job of doing the web site.
I really enjoy it makes me feel much youger indeed.
Tim,please let me know when 童長生is back. My wife and I will go to Amsterdam for a few weeks,I'll be available before Jan.6thfor the gathering when Tong is here.

I was very suprised when I saw 鐘宜寧 on the web site, I was
wondering why 吳伯雄 jump into our web site for. Without this
web site I won't recognize you anymore. Are you stil playing
basketball now,lefthanded guy?

I like the idea of reunion,I agree with Alex that crusing has
more fun. I am coming to L.A. next Apr.
Merry Christmas & a very juicy coming year to every body.

Soul 楊鶴嵩 Dec.21st,1998

From Tim Huang  12/15/98                                huang001_1.jpg (8338 bytes) 黃輝勝

童長生原在台北希爾頓, 後來舉家遷居關島, (應該也是同學聚會的好去處)最近在美國修到博士學位, 將回關島Guam Community College續執教鞭.並將於1999/1/4回台省親, 希望見到老同學. 下列摘錄童給本人之E-mail:
<<<Listed below are my home phone, fax, and my wife's office phone and fax numbers:
Home TEL: (671) 633-1688; FAX: (671) 633-2688
My wife's office TEL: (671) 649-2311; FAX: (671) 649-2310
I will be going to Taipei on 4 Jan, 99 to visit my father. Please let me know how can I get in touch with our high school classmates. Thanks.
Tung Chung-Shen (童在關島的電子郵箱)>>>
請同學與我保持聯絡, 以便安排適當時間, 邀老同學與童長生聚會.
順祝 聖誕快樂 !! 新年順利 !!

黃輝勝/詹麗會 敬上 1998.12.19 23:15

From Bob Chung  12/9/98
Dear Daniel:                                                             chung_bob1.jpg (8352 bytes)  鐘 宜 寧
You've done a hellafa job in improving the web site for our HS class. I hope more and more people know about it and use it effectively.

I am delighted to be in touch with many HS classmates via today's telecommunication technology. This is a good life. We should all enjoy it to the fullest! Remember, I'm only 1.5 hours away from the Niagara Falls. Please let me know when you're coming this direction. I shall be your humble host.

Here is an idea: Are there (old) HS era photos we can post on the web site? If there are photos, I would be happy to scan and convert them in GIF for the web use. I'll begin to look for them in my own shoeboxes.


From: 黃輝勝 to Schoolmates in Taiwan 12/7/98      huang001_1.jpg (8338 bytes) 黃輝勝


感謝孫岱的努力, 本班網頁開始了, 目前還在構建中, 可由
1) 進入本班首頁. 如附件一.
2) 進入本班首頁後, 請按
"Roster" 進入同學名單頁面. 如附件二.
在同學名單頁面, 按 "Detail" 欄, 即可見到個人資料. 如附件三.
3) 在頁面中按 "MemberForm" 可將個人新資料或欲更正的資料填入, 送至網站,
4) 在頁面中按 "Bulletin" 佈告攔 或 "Chatroom" 交談室,
5) 在網頁中附有同學的聲音, 可以聞聲辨人, 也可以將照片送上網頁.
6) 如果自己不方便親自在網頁直接更正或填入新資料,

最近與余啟成見面, 他希望能約個時間, 請台北附近的同學聚聚,

From Robert Chung 鐘宜寧 to Daniel Sun   chung_bob1.jpg (8352 bytes)鐘宜寧  huang001_1.jpg (8338 bytes) 黃輝勝
I read the email from Tim Huang 黃輝勝 . I do not know who is Alex. May be you can help.

From Daniel Sun to Robert Chung
Who is Alex??
He is a professor of Stanford Univeristy
who do not like our High School Chinese Teacher.
who did  not come to classs everday.
who Sitting in the back portion of the classroom althrough he is not that tall.
<You can find the answer at our web page>

From Daniel Sun to All Schoolmates 12/01/98              sun_daniel1.jpg (8131 bytes)  孫 岱

Dear Class 21th Schoolmate:

1st, I like to welcome our schoolate Mr. Hue-sheng Hunag. He is in Taiwan and going to help us for the web page. He is very good on computer. His personal information is on our web page.

2nd, We have outgrown our previous web hosting company AOL. We now moved to new house at
Every thing is working, If you have any technical problem, please let me know.

3rd. We are adding Chatroom to our web page (Click the Chatroom Bar, it is on the left column). I will issue another email about chatroom in January 1999.

4th, We are starting to add sound file to out web page. You suppose to hear my beautiful voice at beginning of the first page. If this is successful, you can post your sound on our web page.

Daniel Sun
PS Do forget to write down our new web page address