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童長生原在台北希爾頓, 後來舉家遷居關島      , (應該也是同學聚會
將回關島Gum aCommunity College 續執教鞭.並將於1999/1/4回台省親, 希望見到老同學. 下列摘錄童給本人之E-mail:
<<<Listed below are my home phone, fax, and my wife's office phone
and fax numbers:
Home TEL: (671) 633-1688; FAX: (671) 633-2688
My wife's office TEL: (671) 649-2311; FAX: (671) 649-2310
I will be going to Taipei on 4 Jan, 99 to visit my father. Please let me know how can I get in touch with our high school classmates. Thanks.
Tung Chung-Shen (童在關島的電子郵箱)>>>
請同學與我保持聯絡, 以便安排適當時間, 邀老同學與童長生聚會.
順祝 聖誕快樂 !! 新年順利 !!

黃輝勝/詹麗惠 敬上 1998.12.19 23:15

Tong Chung-shen   童長生  


Tel: 671-633-1688
Fax: 671-633-2688