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I am still in textile business as previous 28 years although it is tougher and tougher. I have been in China for about 5 years since 1992 to 1998, in between, I stay in Donomican Republic for about a year in 1996. So I am very familiar with Beijin, Shanghai and Tianjin no matter the custom and human personality, believe or not, I like there and the living type very much, I even plan to stay there after retired.
I learn you are organizing the old boys from 21th.again, it is really great as after over 30 years, really not that easy to know the up-to-dated information each other and based on previous friendship, there should be confidenced to work with if there is a chance then get along with strangers.
I shall get in touch with you from time to time as I did with Robert Chung ( Chung Yi Ning ).

Holmes H.Cheng  鄭鴻

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